We face a choice between two futures: A future defined by reliance on an expanding government that takes a bigger and bigger role in each of our lives, or a future where opportunity allows each of us to flourish.

I choose opportunity. Here are three ways an aggressive opportunity agenda will help Wisconsin flourish.

Economic Opportunity

Tony Evers illegally shut down businesses, forced employee layoffs and then failed to help unemployed workers get the benefits they deserved.

That’s a shameful record and proof that we need new leadership to get our economy back on the right track.

We need to boost job creation throughout the state, attract talented workers to Wisconsin, and encourage more people to seize control of their own future by passing bold occupational licensing reforms.

Educational Opportunity

Every student deserves the chance to get a great education. Lockdowns, mandates and far-left curriculum have made clear that parents deserve a say in how and where their children are educated.

The bottom line is we should fund students, not systems. The average voucher student costs the state 57 cents on the dollar to educate. I believe we should expand school choice to give every parent in Wisconsin options for their children’s education.

Opportunity to Live in a Safe Community

Drug use and violent crime are on the rise across the state. Milwaukee is a city “gripped by terror” according to some residents.

What business is going to choose to expand or relocate in an environment like that? What child can learn walking to school in those conditions?

We need to fully fund and stand by law enforcement; ensure those who endanger others are prosecuted, held accountable and kept off our streets; and do everything we can to push back against the scourge of illicit drugs.